Samaj Kalyan Mandal

“Youths are the pillars of the Nation” the development of the nation will depends on the youth and their potentialities. But now in this modern era so many stresses in the youth are affecting them badly and they are facing so many problems. Role and value conflicts, Increasing Pressures for better performance in schools and colleges, Career decision and unemployment, emotional and sexual adjustment, Coping with Pressures of living, The evil of dowry system and pressures are the main problems, youths are bound to face today.

In order to bring glory in the lives of so many youth, who are facing lots of problems and unable to take decisions, Our organization conducted youth awareness programme in Flilsa block. The programme was designed to make a difference in their lives to come out from all myths and misconceptions. The programme gave good results and filled the glory in their lives by motivating them towards good path. Through this programme youths and their parents are advised following 4

  • The youths should be encouraged to pursue careers in line with their vocational interests rather than being attracted to those careers which give better status and income. The ultimate factor of job satisfaction, personal fulfillment and creative realization will depend on whether the person has chosen a career which is in line with one’s aptitudes, interests and capabilities.
  • The schools, colleges and other institutions should have facilities for vocational and emotional counseling, and voluntary organizations can play an important role in offering such counseling services.
  • The voluntary organizations can offer counseling services regarding marriage, family planning, drug addiction.
  • The parents should find time to spend with the youth to understand the adjustment problems which the youth might be experiencing and can be friend with them, in guiding them with regard to studies, friends, vocational choices, decisions regarding marriage and concerns regarding.
  • The youth, at all levels, should be involved in various kinds of programmes by the government and voluntary sectors. This will not only occupy them but will give them rich experience in planning and management of various aspects of life. The Government and the universities could take the lead by chalking out and planning socially constructive mass programmes such as health education for rural health, literacy, etc with the involvement of the youth.
  • The parents should always accept their children, irrespective of the sex and love their children irrespective of their performance in the schools and colleges or in life. This would help build self-esteem and feeling of Worth wholeness.
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