Samaj Kalyan Mandal

In rural areas where people are neither able to afford medical treatment nor having any basic knowledge reading health and hygiene. So through health camps we given various tips peon health issues. the camps are conducted in its targeted areas with the hired doctors. in fact the programme have been great benefits to many such people who could not reach to the nearest local hospital.

Our Organization recognizes health as a development imperative. it is committed to treatment and disease prevention among the poor and deprived. Over the years, we have worked to improve people’s well-being by involving alternate health care strategies that are accessible, appropriate and affordable.

Through these camps we counsel about ante-natal and post-natal care. Counselling and support is offered such as abuse. We also aware rural people of hygiene, sanitation, safe drinking water, communication diseases, diarrhea, STD/AIDS, immunization, Family planning and birth spacing

Through this Programme, our organization hopes to bring healthcare within easy and affordable reach of villages in rural areas. Local people are trained to identify and treat common ailments with locally available resources.

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