Samaj Kalyan Mandal

SKM’s mission has been to establish an egalitarians society devoid of man to man discrimination and exploitation based on caste. Class, gender, race or religion or society that would ensure peoples participate for lowering human suffering Goal of the Organization: Goal of the SKM has been to build up a strong and sustainable foundation egalitarian, just and humane rural society.

Past/present Activities of the Organization:- SMK’s main activities are related to promotion of livelihood, health/education /sanitation and hygiene, strengthening of local self governance rehabilitation and infrastructure, development. Economics uplift men through formation SHGs and Promotion of micro-credit, promotion of animal husbandry and vocational training women empowerment o f the poor and weaker sections. Some of the present activities of the organizational

In rural areas where people are neither able to afford medical treatment nor having any basic knowledge reading health and hygiene.

Trees are gifts of nature. They are the best friends of mankind. The existence of human life cannot be imagined without trees. So it is necessary.

The organization organized a programme on women awareness in we generated awareness through women activists among rural women.

“Youths are the pillars of the Nation”

the development of the nation will depends on the youth and their potentialities.

Summers are here and the cities in India are already complaining about water shortage not to mention many villages .

SKM Education is a national level programme of Smile Foundation, which is committed to providing basic education.

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